Undeniablewigs Heatless Curly Band

Undeniablewigs curly band

It is the best in the market! A styling tool composed of one band to create heatless curls without the fuss of tradition hair rolling method.   

In today’s beauty regimen, women have been looking for a solution to opt-out of applying heat, rollers, and Flexi rods to maintain their curls. Look no further introducing the undeniablewigs curly band, a fast, easy, heatless hair styling tool. it was created for women to be comfortable while making sure their hair maintains the fresh salon look. The product is extremely lightweight, made with a safe polyester satin weave and solves the problems consumers have had with keeping curls in place.  Consumers have the option of making curls lose or tight depending on how the band is applied.

$ 19.00

1 . Units will be shipped out within 3-5 business days from order date.

2. All sales are final. 

3.  Instructions are available with packaging 

4. Check our youtube channel @undeniablewigs for more details


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