This is a 20" Lace Frontal Box Braids. 

Synthetic Braids on human hair

Neatly and tightly braided to mimic natural box braids

One size fit all cap used, with elastic band, combs and adjustable straps

longevity = 2+ years  

There will be no unraveling of the braids unless its intentional 

Extremely low maintenance

Can be worm to swimming and summer activities 

It comes ready to wear!!!

$ 399.00
Checking stock...

1 Construction of your Wigs starts 24 business hours after the order is placed. No changes can be made after this time.

2. Your Wig will be created based on a standard medium cap that stretches, has adjustable straps, combs, and elastic band. You can specific if you want a smaller or bigger cap. 

3. Please allow 14-21 business days to create your Undeniable Wigs.


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